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Do You Still Feel Overwhelmed &
Intimidated by the Concept of
Self Publishing Books?
Are You Scared To Death That
You Are Going To Screw It Up?
Are You Thinking That You
Just Cannot Afford To Do It?

It is so frustrating to hear about how easy it is to self-publish books...

There are so many misconceptions about the practice that it just scares the pants off of people who are otherwise competent in every area of life.

The other day, I was talking to a fellow... He told me he had written one book, and now he was working on his second book, but he said he could not afford to self-publish his books right now...

I was stunned...

I asked him, "What do you mean?"

He told me that his mentor said he should never pay anyone to publish his books.

I told him that I agreed with his mentor, but why would he think that he needed to pay to self-publish his book...

He responded, "You told me I should self-publish, and I cannot afford to do that, not right now anyway."

Still shocked, it hit me like a brick between the eyes...

He thought "self publishing" was the same as "vanity publishing" -- you know the practice that was common in the 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's where you have to go to a vanity-publisher and pay for them to publish 10,000 copies of your book, then you sell your book out of your garage.

"Oh no," I said. "You are talking about 'vanity publishing', and you are right. You should never do that."

Today, we live in a technological age where NO ONE NEEDS TO DO THAT to get published -- NO ONE.

Today in Self-Publishing...

We no longer have some publishing company in a far-off city dictating whether we can publish our books or not.

We no longer need to give up a healthy share of our book royalties to a publishing company, who doesn't really care if our book sells or not.

We don't have to pay any fees to publish our books. There are several providers with no up-front fees and only a few who do have fees.

We don't have to buy a stack of ISBN numbers for our books. You would only need to purchase ISBN numbers with a few companies, most will let you use theirs for free.

We don't need to keep our books in our garage until someone buys one.

We don't have to mess with shipping companies to get our books to customers.

No book will ever be printed in advance of a customer buying it, then the companies we work with will print one-at-a-time or deliver a digital copy of our book.

We can rely on the sellers to send us our book royalties every single month without fail.

You can write some or all of your books under your own name or under an unlimited number of pen names, and still be paid directly through your accounts for everything you publish.

We have choices as to where we can publish our books, and see them sold through online stores.

With Expanded Distribution programs, we can also see our books sold in local bookstores and sometimes made available in libraries.

With the programs we use, our books will be available to a worldwide audience as soon as it has been published.

With all of these systems, we can set our own book prices and royalty payments per book sold.

There are NO CAPS on how much we can earn as a self-published author.

Technologically-Advanced Book Sellers Have Made
Publishing Companies as Rare as IBM Typewriters
-- Today's Authors Only See Them At Museums

This is great news for book authors everywhere...

If you have a story to tell, there is no longer any hindrance to you telling that story.

When I was growing up, both my uncle and my mom set out to write history books.

In my uncle's case, he found a publisher. The publisher insisted on several rewrites -- nine to be precise. His tenth manuscript was "return to sender", because his publishing company went out of business. His book never made it into print.

In my mom's case, she shopped publishers for years, before the local historical association agreed to publish her book. She made it into print, but she never made a dime of money from the sale of her book.

My only regret in life is that I was 30 years old before the Internet was born... And it would be another fifteen years before Amazon Kindle was a thing...

As soon as I had the Internet at home, I started writing for money, literally creating thousands of articles over more than a decade -- articles that have been published on tens of thousands of websites.

But in circa 2000, there was no clear path for publishing and selling books online until years later.

Imagine if I could have put all of my creative energy into writing books for publication a decade previously... I could have had a literal library of hundreds of books available for purchase today.

I have over one hundred books available now, but imagine what it could have been, if only I had access to the current book publishing environment seventeen years ago when I started writing for money.


Imagine Where You Could Be in 15 Years
If Only You Were to Start Self-Publishing
All of the Books You Want to Write, Today

Self-publishing books today IS REALLY EASY...

But, I also remember THE FEAR I had when I got my first web-hosting account...

I wanted to build a website, but I was so scared that I was going to screw something up so bad that I couldn't actually fix it again...

Then I built my first Wordpress website. That one scared the pants off of me too...

I soon realized that I had backups of my websites, and I could overcome any screw ups quickly...

Publishing my first Kindle book was equally as scary, but it became clear that if I screwed something up there, I could fix the error and upload a new copy of the book, while Amazon continued selling my book, and Amazon would notify my buyers that I uploaded a new version of the book.

Then there was the fear of publishing my first print book, with all of its margin-requirements and gutters, etc.

You know what? I could have published my first print book prior to 2014, because THE FEAR OF SCREWING IT UP WAS ONLY IN MY HEAD.

FEAR Is a Thief...
It Steals Your Potential
Right From Under Your Nose

What I realized along the way is that MY FEARS were unfounded.

90% of the challenge of trying new things is to have a basic understanding of what you should expect, before you take on the task.

WE FEAR those things we don't understand...

It is human nature...

It is also human nature to resist trying new things, because we are afraid that we will look like a fool if we fail...

What I have learned from years of trying new things is that so long as I have watched someone do something, then I can quickly figure out that I needn't fear the process.

I have also learned that the first time I do something, it may seem hard to me...

But the second time and the third time I do it, it will become much easier to do...

Each time out, the task will become much easier to me, because I will have the experience behind me to avoid the more frustrating mistakes I might have made early in the process.

Getting to proficient begins with me watching someone else do the task first, so that I can see the right way to do it...

Let Me SHOW YOU By Example
How To Do Those Things You Will Need To Do
To Self-Publish Your Books On Multiple Platforms

Inside this website, you will find video training that teaches how to publish your books on the many Self-Publishing platforms we use everyday.

You will also find text descriptions and links to relevant web pages associated with these programs.

Covered inside this website will be video training for the following self-publishing platforms:

Sure, if you look around, you might be able to find "some" of this training elsewhere at a lower cost, maybe even for free...

But, I have brought everything together for you in one place...

I am one of two people who has the rights to sell the "Createspace", "Smashwords" and "Author Central" video training included in this website. Outside this website, you won't find any of the three available for less than $14.95 each. They are all three available here -- for one low, package price.

This website contains video training for each of the aforementioned programs, all for one low, life-time price.

You will find a total of 33 training videos within this website that will show you all of the details you need to understand self-publishing like never before.

As you load each page in this website, you will find the text that will guide your path and the videos embedded into the page to make them easy to watch, without you losing track of what you have already seen.

You will be able to watch all of the training at your own convenience, at a time and pace that is comfortable for you.

You will also be able to revisit this website at any time, if you feel the need for a refresher course.

By the time you have gone through the training made available here, you will no longer doubt your ability to self-publish your books like a pro.

Once you have gone through the training included here, you will finally undersand what all of those people were talking about when they told you, "Self-publishing is easy, when you know what you should be doing."

What If I Have
Already Self-Published Books?

The thing is that if you have already self-published on other platforms, you probably don't need this training...

Only you can be the judge of whether you actually need access to this training or not...

But I will say this...

If you have so far only published your books on Amazon Kindle, then why haven't you published on CreateSpace yet?


Maybe you are letting the fear of the unknown hold you back from selling your books to people who want to hold the books in their hands?

A buddy of mine has been publishing books on Amazon Kindle for more than five years. I literally had to drag him kicking and screaming to the Createspace platform, and once he was finished publishing that first book, he said, "Man, that was easier than I imagined it would be."

If you are one of those people who keep telling yourself that so long as you are only publishing on Amazon Kindle and Createspace, because they control over 50% of the books sold, then I have some earth-shattering news for you...

Amazon Kindle / Createspace accounts for only 50% of the book sales in the United States.

The other 50% of book sales in the United States are controlled by other sellers...

Are you okay with offering your books only to HALF of the people who would like to buy your books?

Not only that, once you cross the oceans, Amazon is no longer a dominate force in the book selling industry.

In Germany for example, Kobo is one of the top book sellers. Amazon is someone near the very bottom of the list.

According to Google, Amazon has an active customer list of 244 million people worldwide.

In a world where there are more than 7 billion people on the planet, that means there are 6.75 billion people who have never purchased a book from Amazon.

For those of you who struggle with math, that means that fewer than 4% of the people who live on planet earth have ever purchased anything from Amazon.

Which means that 96% of the people on earth will never be able to buy your books, if you only rely on Amazon to sell them.

Let me ask you a very important question...

Are you really happy only selling your book to half of Americans and getting very little market penetration outside the United States?

If you are happy leaving money on the table, I am happy for you.

If you are not happy letting other people have the money you could be making yourself, then you should consider getting this training, so you will know what to do when self-publishing your books on other sales platforms.

The Information Included
On The Website Is
Current and Up-To-Date

Over the years, I have sold a lot of this training at a much higher price. Within this website, everything is combined together for one low price.

This past July, I watched every single video again to make sure all of the information in the videos was still up-to-date and current. It is.

Within this website, I have combined a few publicly available videos, with videos I have purchased the resell rights for, videos I commissioned for my business, and videos I shot myself.

The information is complete, and it will help you to achieve your goals.

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